Work in development:

Stuck: Creator and screenwriter, family psychological thriller TV series

Family Happiness: Co-creator and screenwriter of TV series selected for Create NSW’s She Directs initiative and Dame Changers’ Mentor to Market

Three Moon Hunt: Co-creator of online series, supported in development by Screen Australia

Disorderly Women: TV series, supported in development by Create NSW

Rubik: Co-creator and screenwriter of TV series adaption of Elizabeth Tan’s debut novel. Commissioned by Photoplay Films

The Stranger: Creator and screenwriter, supernatural thriller TV series shortlisted for Fremantle’s Blue Sky initiative

Content writer

I write and edit TV and film pitch documents, look books, synopses, loglines and bibles. 

As a content writer I identify, capture and communicate the heart of your project and story to your audience. As a development producer I am adept in analysing the elements that make a marketable, compelling pitch document.

Contact me for my CV and examples of my work, clients and rates.