Story consulting.

How does it work?

Every creator, every story, every project, every stage of development is wildly different.  When you engage me we'll talk first so I can understand your project and your needs.  We'll then agree an approach - one-off or short term input or my ongoing involvement. Please contact me to chat about your project and your needs.

What do I offer?

- Story 101. Screenplay/treatment read + discussion (Skype, phone or face to face) + follow up notes. An effective development injection into your narrative's strengths, issues and creative and audience potential at any stage. I talk to you once I've read your work and before providing notes as through asking questions about your story, your characters, you and your intent I can best help you reach into the essence of your story and its best expression for its audience to help you move forward. Fee: $1000 AUD.

- Script edit. A bespoke service to help you reach a delivered draft that is substantially advanced in terms of your project's audience and genre awareness, characterisation, emotional truth and expression, structure and visual literacy.  Development consultations + intense story work on every aspect of your narrative. Fee: $6000 AUD.

- Mini script edit. Draft read + development consultation + development notes + revised draft read + follow up development consultation. When you need in depth, cost effective, targeted support. Fee: $3000 AUD.

- Genre consultancy. Not sure if your narrative is thriller, psychological thriller or a drama with thriller elements? Wondering if you're developing a rom com or a coming of age story with a love element? Lost on how to make the genre work for its audience? You’re being told the stakes aren't high enough but you don't know exactly what that means or how to go about fixing it? I can help you identify and shape your project’s true genre or blend of genres, rethink and restructure your narrative and enable it to fulfil its thematic, audience and commercial potential. Fee varies.

Adaptation. You've optioned an underlying work and want input into breaking it down and identifying the screen story strengths before hiring a writer. Fee varies.

- Writers' room.  I can join you to brainstorm and storyline to help you find and shape your story, whether one-off or series. Fee negotiable.

When should you hire me?

-  Early stage story/ series concept /storylining work when we will explore the heart of your idea, story design, characters, arcs and plotting. 

In development You've just been funded or you've been in development for a while. You need a fresh pair of eyes and a candid, constructive and practical approach from an experienced professional.

-  Pre Production Your project is going into production, you're being hit with script notes from all sides and you know - or you're being told - the screenplay isn't there. You need focused, intensive story and script work and solutions, fast, with an experienced script editor with production knowledge who understands the pressures and needs of this stage.

Or any stage between.