"Nicole gets under the skin of the story to its drive."

I’m Nicole Dade. I’m a story developer, script editor and development producer. I support writers, producers and teams to uncover the core of their screen story to connect with its audience, at any point in the development process. I work across film, TV drama, online series and immersive stories of any budget and genre. I work globally - location is no barrier to us working together. 

My role is to be your secret weapon to help you gain a deeper understanding of your story as it’s being built. So we will investigate genre, premise, story logic, character, world and systems, and we’ll also explore: why this story? Why you as its teller? Why now?

I have a passion for genre storytelling and am known for my working knowledge of thriller and psychological thriller, horror, comedy, sci fi, mystery and genre blends. I also love working on adaptations and have developed many screen adaptations based on novels, real life stories and plays.

My knowledge is built on my love and commitment to the craft of storytelling, plus18 years international experience in the screen industry as a senior executive and consultant for federal and state funding agencies in Australia, UK and New Zealand, plus hands on with production companies and creators.